Windmill Pines Tree Farm

Notice: Windmill Pines is closed Sunday, December 18 due to the extreme cold. Trees are brittle and difficult to handle without breakage at these temperatures. We plan to be open during regular hours (3-5) until Friday, December 23 if weather conditions permit. Our supply of firs is almost exhausted. We may not have any left for sale by the end of the week. We are in better shape with Scotch and White Pines. Feel free to call 402-641-0051 or 402-641-8857 if you have questions.

We were honored that a 25′ Concolor Fir tree from our farm graced the rotunda of the Nebraska State Capitol Building in 2015! This year we will be supplying the trees for the governor’s office and governor’s mansion for the fourth year in a row. Check out the photos on the Photo Gallery page.

Windmill Pines was established by Martin and Etta Stork in 1968. Management responsibilities for the farm were passed on to Stan and Elizabeth (Stork) Obermueller in January 2012.

We have a superior selection of pine and fir trees again this year. They are in excellent condition, largely due to ideal growing conditions this summer. Also, we will once again have Fraser firs from Michigan available for purchase. We are using the same grower and we are confident that these will be as well received by our customers as those we sold last year.