Choose Your Own Tree:

Bring the family and wander through 10 acres of trees as you search for your perfect Christmas tree. Our friendly workers will cut your selection, help you carry it upon request, shake, and bale your tree. We will also help you load and secure your tree in/on your vehicle for safe transport.

Tips for selecting the perfect tree:

Tips for caring for your tree:

Decorating tips:

Varieties of trees for sale:

Canaan Fir: This is our best-selling tree. Its needles are short and soft with a dark green color. Density varies from open to dense. Customers report very good needle retention. Sizes vary from 5’-12’+. We have an exceptional selection of 8′-9′ Canaan Firs this year.

Concolor Fir: Concolors (also called white fir) are the preferred tree of many of our long-time customers. The needles are medium length and have a dark green or blue-green color. Branches tend to be strong and support ornaments well. Needle retention is excellent. Sizes vary from 5’-20’+.

Scotch Pine: Scotch Pines have medium length needles. Most Scotches are very dense and branches are strong.   Until a few years ago, this was our most popular tree and it still enjoys a strong following among our customers. Good needle retention. Sizes vary from 5’-8’+. Come early for the taller trees because they tend to sell quickly.

Fraser Fir: Frasers are very popular in the Eastern U.S. due to their medium to dark green needles with silver undersides, strong branch structure and great needle retention. They are very difficult to grow in Nebraska. Although a few Frasers we have available are grown here, most of the ones for sale are imported from Michigan. We are confident that these trees will be fresh and of exceptional quality. Sizes vary from 6′-12′.

We also have limited quantities of White Pine (long, green needles) and Korean Fir (short, medium to dark green needles with white undersides).